•   mindmaking @ryanstancato Do you find all these amazing places in one town or do you have to travel round? 2y
  •   justindead This is kicking my fuckin ass. 2y
  •   jeffreyalan12 How do you get access to all these amazing building? 2y
  •   chuck Epic. 2y
  •   cec_pip You must be a time traveler! That is my guess as to how you come across all these abandoned places! Ok, so my imagination is running wild. 2y
  •   sean_boz Amazing 2y
  •   cec_pip @joseviolinist But time traveler is much more fun to imagine. Whatever the case, I this IG feed! Thanks for posting these images @ryanstancato ! I know it can't be easy getting into all these places. 2y

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