natgeo By @dguttenfelder Above the #Lancang, or #Mekong #River, the new highway had collapsed as we tried to make our way through #Yunnan province #China 2y
  •   sayo_t 中国雲南省に向かう道中、メコン川にて真新しい高速道路が崩落している。 2y
  •   elistahuey Looks totally awsome 2y
  •   samarqand61 Iam afread to look from the. Up  2y
  •   mr.1000 very nice 2y
  •   judeleduc Wow! water has a mind of it's own! 2y
  •   storyofminelife Nice pic but also worrying to c as well!!! 2y
  •   skater_rich Looks like the foundation in my basement. 2y

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