moronica_ Omg. I can't wait to get this out in the sun. Ugh so pretty, so holo, so glimmery. Peacock inspired gradient over beautiful peacock colored holographic polish creates something amazing. <3 2y
  •   moronica_ @tonjeped thank you! 2y
  •   cathylnowg What polish did you use? I love it 2y
  •   moronica_ @cathylsoon2bg its actually several different polishes, I wish I remember which polishes I used but it was a sequence of purple->blue->green polished gradient 2y
  •   cathylnowg Thank you! love it! 2y
  •   cathylnowg That is blue not black? I wanna try it, you did such a great job 2y
  •   moronica_ @cathylsoon2bg thank you! I actually... thinking about it I think that is a purple/navy duochrome by orly called mysterious curse 2y
  •   cathylnowg Yay! I will have to look for it. Thanks again! 2y
  •   moronica_ @cathylsoon2bg good luck! 2y

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