jjcommunity It’s @kevinkuster posting my highlights for today’s "new perspective" forum. Today's theme #jj_forum_0370, showed me and I believe our entire community that if we look hard enough we can always find a more interesting way to look at a subject, problem or event. The four photographer's who's images really impressed me are, Top row @chris_made_this, @raisethebarn, Bottom row, @raisethebarn, @luchortega. All four of these images brings a really cool perspective to everyday and extraordinary events in life. Please visit each of their feed’s and give them a ton of praise. Four editors contributed to my final highlights so please give them some applause as well. @jj_editor_kimmygibbler, @jj_editor_gracenavarro, @jj_editor_carolyn_denise, and @jj_editor_alli_james. Until next time, keep looking for a new perspective. Adios! (Just wanted to try a new way of saying goodbye.) 4y

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