jjcommunity Woah. . . Dude. . . Trippy. . . If you're browsing someone's photo stream try and swipe from left to right when you are on one of their posts. Totally insignificant in the scheme of important things in the world. Blew my mind though. If someone tells me it's been there since version 1.0 I'll feel pretty dumb. 3y
  •   azysko No it's new in 3.0 3y
  •   kimtche Thx! Didn't know that! 3y
  •   rero91 And from right to left you start adding a comment 3y
  •   acastell I think that "swipe" action should change between stream photos like iPhone default photo app 3y
  •   albacorps News to me too...cool 3y
  •   realgenius They've also changed the way you delete comments as well, you swipe left to right and choose the trash can 3y
  •   norrissteve ALSO when you go to comment you can swipe someones name and it tags them or you can report their comment 3y

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