taylorswift At a commercial shoot. And I realize, this is STILL happening?!?!?! 3y
  •   anni_ashley It's funny how she used to be so surprised now she's just like oh look @maddselaine 1mon
  •   yandere.c omg lol 2012 1mon
  •   graci555_beanieboo2 I remeber when we broke up saying this is it ive had enough cuz like we hadnt seen each other in a month when you said you needed space WHAT!?Then you com'round n say baby i miss you and i swear im gonna change remeber how that lasted for a day,you call me i love you!ooooooooooo,ooooooo THIS TIME IM TELLING YOU TELLING YOU we are never ever erver getting back to gather we,eee are never ever ever getting back togather you go talk to your friends talk to my friends talk me (talk to me)but we,eee are never ever ever getting back together we,eee are never ever ever getting back together!!!@taylorswift LOVE YOU 1mon
  •   boss_doc_holiday Sometimes I read what people say to you. Like the guy 7 days ago that will probably be right above my comment .. he loves you... if I had the ability to touch hearts like you, I'd never stop. I don't expect you to either. As a friend can I just say, people can't hear you enough but where they really long for you is in their sight... country turned pop and soon to act. Hope you're hungry for the big screen. I really believe it's your next big endeavor! 4w
  •   mcmahon_maddie @cornygould what the 2w
  •   ajna.mulaomerovic Pjesma 5d
  •   gracie.swiftie @bryn.swiftie memories 2d

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