jjcommunity @pass2moses submitted one of my favorite shots to the "New Perspective" forum tonight. #jj_forum_0370. I want to do it like Allie does. Glimpses of daily life that are nothing but art. I looked at every one of her pictures .
Have you been through all 7,000 of the submissions in today's forum. What's that you say? You have a life? Ahhhhhh. Ok. Good news. We've done it for you. Check out what the @jj_editors think are some of tonight's most inspiring images. Tell them thanks for their work while you're over there. If you love their eye, be sure and give them a follow.
  •   taniwha22 Freakishly awesomeness bra 3y
  •   travelswithmyphone @pass2moses congratulations Allie, this was one of my all time favourites. Stunning scale 3y
  •   lavadance @joshjohnson @kevinkuster Hi Josh and Kevin, I know it wasn't a requirement for the perspective challenge, but I really miss everyone's (funny) comment, like you suggested ' ant's eye view, etc. I did it for my posts and forces you to look at your own pictures from a completely different angle. Talking about different perspectives! And most of the time they turn out to be very funny :) And comments in general makes IG becoming more personal. Just sharing my perspective 3y
  •   kosznai This is just wonderful!!! Fantastic idea and realisation, @pass2moses 3y
  •   jj_editor_franknocode @pass2moses fantastic shot!!! 3y
  •   janeoako_ih @pass2moses great!!! 3y
  •   missreesemarie Great photo. So much conveyed in this little square @pass2moses 3y
  •   thaianapp 3y

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