shellthings Kindergarten 3y
  •   shellthings @gfunkified we should have flying cars by then 3y
  •   emmymom Woah that does seem weird. 3y
  •   mommakiss 2025? Not even OK. And I have a 2027'er 3y
  •   jennalhatfield I have a 24 and a 26er and it blows my mind! 3y
  •   tsharp12 Oh, wow. I haven't even thought of their graduating year. 3y
  •   mrsloulou Way to get moms emotional! 3y
  •   krismichelle82 I so didn't want to think about the year yet. :( 3y
  •   hannahlindy Oh my goodness! Mine is '27.. So hard to think of them being that big!! 3y

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