caoskies #TBT : Swirv 3y
  •   jazybett Classic! Did you ride this? 3y
  •   caoskies @jazybett Only for the quick drive-by ... Thug Life  3y
  •   jazybett Kik? 3y
  •   deazy530 with a tommy gat right?? 3y
  •   vawnie That car is amazing! Maybe 34 Ford, looks mint condition! nice, TBT! 3y
  •   caoskies @jazybett What is all that jazz about? Everyone seems to have kik haha! I guess I'm too old school. @sflucero + Pinstrips, Top Hats & Scarves ... HOV!!! 3y
  •   jazybett It's some kind of messenger thing. I don't use it a lot haha! It was my sis who said to me to download that ;) 3y
  •   caoskies @jazybett Haha! I'm all about phone convos :) I barely even text anymore cuz I'm too ADHD. FB & Email are all the messaging I can handle ... Hit me up! ;) 3y

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