jjcommunity I hear this complaint a lot and it doesn't smell quite right to me to be honest. "Doesn't it suck that all these rookies are stealing our jobs Josh?" .

My question is. . . How do I get my legit professional photographer card? Is there a committee that looks at my quality of my work? Can I have a side job? Do I need to make 100% of my living from pictures for 1 year? 5 years? I've been making a living shooting pictures for 10 years now but we all started somewhere? At what point did I earn my badge and become part of the elite that are allowed to be part of the market? #hairclubformen .

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  •   jjcommunity @amberholritz Sending email now. 3y
  •   zirtagecra3y
  •   richtatum @harmiev I think it would help to define "graphic design" as distinct from photography. I have always used an operating definition of "graphic design" as the process of text and image to communicate a concept and/or drive action.

    To me, what you're describing is more "art direction" than "graphic design." And for me, I am not satisified with the quality of image I get from the tiny lens and tiny sensors of a smart phone. I feel compelled to post-process the images to at least bring them to the level of clarity I remember with my mind's eye. But then, why stop there? I'm committed to the image, not the philosophy of the "no filter" purist. :) I think of myself as an artist, not a journalist. 3y
  •   richtatum @JoshJohnson — I think so-called "professionals" got an easy break back when the only gear that got the job done were bulky, single-purpose, conspicuous, and prohibitively expensive. The gear *was* the badge.

    Now, however, the ubiquity and inexpensiveness of smartphones and pocket cameras is bringing talent out of the woodworks. The technological disruption is actually forcing the quality of "professional" work up, I believe. 3y
  •   michelle.d.kinghornphotography Sorry everyone. I agree with @laurenepbath_ih and digital has allowed this as had this world wide web...information is available for us to research this art form so that we may continually improve. Perspective is huge in photography and if you work at it and sell yourself it's no longer always necessary to take an accredited education to become "professional" I'm in never ending love with everything photography and continually strive to learn and improve. Xox 3y
  •   michelle.d.kinghornphotography @pdxluv people should be nicer in general. So much negativity in this generation. Do what you do and stop begrudging others for doing what they do. Lol don't judge me, go about your business xoxo 3y
  •   harmiev @richtatum I haven't actually worked in the field for a decade so pardon my misnomer. My only point was that it would be another interesting conversation for the community to have. Maybe even have a "purist" forum or a composite forum to highlight the merits of each way of doing things. I think both schools of thought are interesting although I am more skewed to the mindset that it takes considerably more talent to capture a great photo than to "make" a great image. I only got interested in photography to supplement my graphic design work rather than use photos taken by others. I fell in love with the lens & what it could do. 3y

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