bleubird pumpkin bread on the porch. 2y
  •   judesimonekent @ashleyf2001 the bird is 2! 2y
  •   bowsandsuspenders She's absolutely gorgeous. 2y
  •   ooxqpxoo Your photo is very nice! 2y
  •   yellowkelly Just adorable! What a beautiful family! Xxx 2y
  •   lgreenich I'm pretty positive she is the cutest thing I've ever seen. 2y
  •   ayakateal @bleubird hi I'm just wondering, how do you get your pictures like this with the cropped edges? You used to do it a lot for vertical pictures and I really like it but I don't know how to edit them that way! 2y
  •   mivitamini @evrimsumer Bu minigi sizin Laylu'nuza benzetiyorum biraz.Elbette ikisi de benzersiz ama iste:-) Cok, cok , cok tatlilar 2y
  •   evrimsumer @mivitamini yaziyi okuyana kadar "bu fotograf nerde cekildi, buraya kim koydu" paranoyasi yasadim. Bu nasil bir benzerlik!!! 2y

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