•   alshaibanni wow !!! 2y
  •   wrecklesscreative This place isn't a place, it's a computer chip. 2y
  •   omgfruits Haha, I'm leaving Phoenix tomorrow morning. XD 2y
  •   inkedfingers @wrecklesscreative ha! I love your mind :) 2y
  •   3kher Muito legal.essa vista. 2y
  •   joshua_henschel Imagine the original way this used to look befor a disgusting race destroyed the beauty for personal gain 2y
  •   inkedfingers @joshua_henschel interesting! thanks for your thoughts :) I personally love the human race and believe in our potential to make the world a better place... but I've also been called an idealist :) I believe it is this positive thinking that will inspire people to recycle, not take water for granted, build green facilities, etc . 2y
  •   joshua_henschel @inkedfingers i love our potential! Completely and unequivocally I love the potential man has. Just the actions I guess annoy me ^.^ and I love your answer XD very hard to argue such a good point touché haha 2y

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