kimkardashian Night night 2y
  •   vanessalov3su Really people calling her ugly or a whore won't make u pretty and if u dont like why u even here maybe she can overdue thing but it's her decisions and she is pretty I admit I am jealous u don't know if u are hurting her u may see her as having a great life But u don't what is going on with her that's why people commit suicide I know it kind of sound dumb now but be nice our world is going down!!!! :( #bullying 2y
  •   c.a.m.i.l.a Shut up. @o_m_a_r_o_z_i 2y
  •   mr.patron_41 @kimkardashian my fav you look natural and beautiful... 1y
  •   emileygposey Uhhh you don't even need to try and you still come out beautiful gosh so jelly I love u kim1y
  •   sweden1dlover Okay this is not fair:( you don't even need makeup Kim!! @kimkardashian 12mon
  •   louisedevirgilioo hi 4mon
  •   quinquinners You stop reading this you are going to die. I'm Teresa Fidalgo if you don't repost this on 20 photos i will sleep next to you forever. This girl ignored this and her mom died 20 years later. You can even search on google 2mon

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