danrubin Hadleigh Castle 3y
  •   danrubin @seth_carnill Essex :) 3y
  •   sethcarnill Ah yes, Essex! Same Hadleigh though, I grew up just a few miles away ! Are you based around there?? 3y
  •   danrubin @seth_carnill Based in Newcastle and Fort Lauderdale (Florida) at the moment, and travel a lot — my mum's from Canvey/Raleigh, and I still have a lot of family in Essex :) 3y
  •   sethcarnill Wow that's quite a way apart!! Sounds like a nice life though ;) I'm English, but living in Amsterdam. A mere 45 mins apart by plane thankfully... 3y
  •   aggpv Looks unreal! 3y
  •   mgwalker74 Dan, as I mentioned before I just found your gallery. First, I just watched a piece you did at 1197. I now learn your family are from Essex (my eye drawn by a familiar castle) & just around the corner from me in Benfleet. What a small world! I spent 8 years in CO. Still, enough of this. I just thought it quite surreal to get this close to home in about 45 mins worth of clicking. Have a great day! 3y
  •   mgwalker74 Oh, and how did you manage this. The windows on these trains are filthy (& don't open). Do you carry wonder!?! ;) 3y
  •   mgwalker74 Windex (predictive text!!!) 3y

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