eyecool Throwback Thursday That's me, in the red shirt. Age 13. Looking funny with the Carrera sunglasses two sizes too big. This pic was taken about 45 minutes before I got lost on the Great Wall of China. (funny story for another time) From now on, I'll post one, genuine, travel throwback pic per month for you. Regardless of how nerdy I look. If you do the same, tag me @eyecool because I want to see yours too! 2y
  •   eyecool @seashoulder I thought you tagged me on your Great Wall pic, but now I don't see it. Thanks for following!! I'll keep my eye out for your pic. 2y
  •   eyecool @theoceanblue Ahhhh, but my profile says "world citizen". I think being aware of the world and the small part each community plays in in the big puzzle is more important than travel. That's a message I love spreading. Then, when people do travel, they see what I see: everywhere I go, 2y
  •   eyecool The only thing I see are beautiful people! @theoceanblue 2y
  •   _theoceanblue_ @eyecool so true...I would like to see the world. You are leading such a beautiful life with the passion of traveling: 2y
  •   lisaabbott Haha lovely story 2y
  •   ronnie_zilberbush Great gallery. You are invited to mine 2y
  •   scarstep 2y

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