olloclip Watching the sun go down behind white puffy clouds at the olloclip HQ #olloclip #fisheye 2y
  •   oylando @b_greedy619 naked iPhone.. Ruins screen protectors.. 2y
  •   greedy_vapes @o_r_l_a_n_d_o won't it scratch up your screen then? I have a lifeproof case. I don't care if it really scratches it up. I'm just wondering if it will fit with a case around it. Let me know or if it HAS to be a naked iPhone. 2y
  •   greedy_vapes Thanks! 2y
  •   tomblah900 I have a screen protector on mine. You just have to be careful putting it on so it doesn't mess up the cover 2y
  •   greedy_vapes Does it slide on tight or does it fit over with some room then you tighten it up and lock into place? 2y
  •   olloclip @b_greedy619 the olloclip slides on to the iPhone and will not work with any case on. The lens needs to be within a fraction of a mm to give the best image quality. 2y
  •   greedy_vapes @olloclip Thanks! I'll get one regardless! 2y
  •   kyledonnelly @b_greedy619 you'll love it! 2y

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