jenniferwyeth Clearly he got his father's dork gene. It's ok, go ahead and laugh. #chiccritique365 3y
  •   chelseabevans Bahahahaha! I am seriously laughing so hard right now! I love this kid!:) 3y
  •   janaksmythe Lol. He's ADORABLE!!! 3y
  •   brigettm Love the goggles!! Braden is that same way with his goggles!! He will not ever take them off once he has them!! You make me laugh Carter;) 3y
  •   bridgetdcarroll He is hilarious. This is the best picture. Love it in B&W too. 3y
  •   hillarymeacham I love him. 3y
  •   kellyboles LOLOLOLOL!!!! This is awesome!! 3y
  •   thehouseofsilverlining As long as he doesn't care, why not?! 3y
  •   christyhorne Hes so awesome!! 3y

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