glennbeck Nolan Ryan came by today! 3y
  •   carnold523 Awesome! What a great man! The both of you! 3y
  •   timothypineau Good old No 3y
  •   tshyde_esquire My hero. 3y
  •   richellelynngarn How did you keep up a conversation? I know you don't speak baseball. Hope it was fab! 3y
  •   bearded_bass_playing_daddy Saw him pitch for the Rangers when I was about 13 or 14. Dude was UNBELIEVABLE. The sound of the "THUMP" from the ball hitting the catcher's mitt was LOUD, even from the outfield bleachers... 3y
  •   yaakovmar Awesomeness! Did you understand a word he was talking about? 3y
  •   joshilypuff Jealous. 3y
  •   shelly_oliver Omg 3y

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