bustinboards We're offering FREE SHIPPING for a limited time on our newest, most popular deck. Customize online at www.bustinboards.com. Help us spread the word and win an unreleased Ibach Techdeck. Just LIKE, SHARE & COMMET on THIS POST on Facebook and we'll choose a winner from those participants that do all three. One Love and finger standies from Bustin Brooklyn 2y
  •   silviatiuba What's the site that I can buy? My friend will be going to NYC and I'd like to buy... Send me the site please and Thanks 2y
  •   simplyy_ed Hbcngcp 2y
  •   spencer_mousseau So uh... Can I have a free sportster??? 2y
  •   stanson_ @bustinboards when does the rat mobile come out 2y
  •   miguelhine @bustinboards ; Love it!! I'm turning 35yrs old soon & I'm dying to purchase "or win" a Bustin Teckdeck. ~ Forever Stoked! 2y
  •   stuntriders I bought a custom sportster and it's worth it. I luv it and I couldn't ask for a better long board and I'm 13 years old and how I earned the money for it is a totally different story 2y
  •   cedsomm @hisharp 9mon

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