annaslowey 12:53 // Petrified ant hills? 2y
  •   tjoeshifu Fantastic! I love these 'ant hills(?)' 2y
  •   annaslowey @jack_chrome is that a haiku? 2y
  •   annaslowey @ambirder ooh I've never heard of tufa rocks before! I shall look it up... 2y
  •   annaslowey @christianjsweet haaah. I heard you out. Torched em. Now I'm on the run from the law. I hope you can harbor an ant-massacring fugitive 2y
  •   terintalarico San Antonio has lots of cool quarries n whatnot I think you will love exploring :D 2y
  •   terintalarico I just remember these limestone walls in the landscape, sectioning off parts of the city. And housing developments sitting on the edge of the limestone. So dramatic. 2y
  •   annaslowey @terintalarico ok maybe that's what I'll do with my Sunday... Explore quarries! I need your recommendations stat :) 2y
  •   nick__olas 2y

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