piercethevic Our biggest fan... Thanks @PaulinaPatricio ! 2y
  •   vibinmatt the girl that said to drop this and start liking one direction is very confused. 5mon
  •   flora.talbot All four of you guys saved my life. And I hate you for it, death seems much more promising than what I face everyday. I'd like to think that one day I'll thank you for saving me, I really hope so 3mon
  •   lesley75470 I love you so much. 3mon
  •   not.rhyli I'm getting this for Boo. @e.rr.i.c 2mon
  •   piercetheproffer Dear Vic... god where do I begin? Your music is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I remember almost 3 years ago when I was in sixth grade I first heard your music. I feel in love with your voice Vic. Your voice has kept me going. What I love about Pierce The Veil is that no matter what mood I'm in... there's a song for it. I listen to Bulls In the Bronx when I'm in a "fuck everything I wanna have fun mood" I listen to A Love Like War when I'm in a "I wanna be a badass let's fuck shit up" mood or when I go for a run. I listen to Bulletproof Love when I'm in a "oh okay that really just happened wtf" mood. And all your music. Vic you make me smile more than words can explain. I even named my instagram after pierce the veil lol. But yea. Thank you for saving me and inspiring me. Seeing your face or hearing your voice puts a smile on my face even when theres tears in my eyes. Its my dream to one day meet you but for now i guess this will have to do. I could make this letter longer and idk why I'm not but goodbye for now. -Morgan Proffer 5739790251 2mon
  •   little_missy99 I want this so bad!! 3w
  •   bianca_erica @gerardwaytheovarykiller get this for molly 5d

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