bebehblog So, I'm a crazy person who has decided to try this Paleo thing and my friend Erin mailed me this to prove its not that bad! 3y
  •   howtobeadad I need to do this. 3y
  •   cindygermann Awesome!! We went Paleo a year and a half ago and never looked back. You can totally do it! 3y
  •   ashleywomble @ambates81 does the Paleo diet too. You should follow her because she Instagrams a lot of her meals/snacks. 3y
  •   bebehblog @cindygermann That's so good to hear! I'm excited, but not sure I can keep it up long term. 3y
  •   cindygermann Also, I can't fully explain how helpful the book It Starts With Food is. It's definitely worth checking out, if you're interested! 3y
  •   april_rmh Ohhh!!! Practically Paleo is my latest love! Eat Like A Dinosaur also ROCKS!!! No regrets - seeing so many changes this year! 3y
  •   emily_esh Yay!!!! I can send you a bunch of great recipes! Read It Starts with Food.... 3y

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