bergdorfs BG Behind-the-Scenes: Prepping the windows for #bg111 . #bgwindows 3y
  •   pyeseniat @bergdorfs thank you! You guys are so great for taking the time to respond 3y
  •   tessome @zarahvictoria I fold... 3y
  •   royale462 How does one get hired as a window maker!? 3y
  •   geepeegetsbuzy True talent...a trained eye for detail...and creative discipline...this is how you get the gig 3y
  •   missyd522 Go to school for it...that's what I'm doing! 3y
  •   lizzyflo Gloria's poor little fingers! 3y
  •   zobojr @pattymayo116 mod podge 3y
  •   paigetoth Evidently, VM studios look exactly the same no matter where in the world you are! 3y

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