bonethrower Second drawing from yesterday. 3y
  •   dizzypigeon Patches! 3y
  •   shitluck Im gonna steal so much of this shit next week... 3y
  •   geoylee So good! 3y
  •   clouds_collide I love it 3y
  •   nuro_oliver @anna_beiba I love these weird birds 3y
  •   damionsilver Please include in package! 3y
  •   stephanie_oliver I just emailed you. fkg zazzle sucks ass. I'm shocked at them. 3y
  •   stephanie_oliver okay, that's not your email? I sent it to you, a screenshot of the email zazzle sent me saying they canceled my order of your thumbsucker case because it had "content unsuitable for printing" on their shit or some shit 3y

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