•   bigchillwestcoast @asthmaticatom are you still satin that Korean girl? Going to visit the motherland I take it? 3y
  •   asthmaticatom @mrvanlieu ya I said what's up, I'll be here for 10 days. what's good that I should check out 3y
  •   bigchillwestcoast @asthmaticatom shit what SHOULDN'T you check out is the question! But really you should hit up the areas around Hongik university, that's where some of the best places to people watch is. That's also where all the college kids party, tons of cheap food, bars, clothing stores and clubs. Also visit the national museum of Korea and the war Memorial of Korea. Both are really amazing museums. And you HAVE TO take a tour of the DMZ to try and catch a glimpse of North Korean soldiers at the border! 3y
  •   bigchillwestcoast @asthmaticatom you will probably be flying back with t family as well. They are going for ten days also. 3y
  •   kiddcronin Wow. You so pretay 3y
  •   nikrubyn OMG.. David Beckham watch the F out 3y

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