crazydervish Sometimes in life, all you need is some Korean fried chicken to make everything all right. 3y
  •   beekhan112 Where r u 3y
  •   crazydervish @beekhan112 singapore 3y
  •   beekhan112 I have a shopping list for u when r u home 3y
  •   terahbajjalieh Man you are always eating awesome food ! I need to meet you for a dinner date 3y
  •   crazydervish @terahbajjalieh sure, if u are ever in my neck of the woods come over for a good meal and a nice bottle of wine. south east Asia is booming right now with regards to the food and wine scene 3y
  •   terahbajjalieh @crazydervish yeah one day I'd love to go! I hear there are alot of wine jobs out there too. What part exactly are you in? 3y
  •   crazydervish @terahbajjalieh am based in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I own a wine distribution company called Artisan Cellars. We specialise in Burgundy and Champagne. Vibrant scene in this part of the world. Exciting times 3y
  •   terahbajjalieh @crazydervish very cool I'll keep that in mind if I come out there any time soon. Burgundy and champagne two excellent choices! 3y

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