•   mademoiselle_manic Loved her performance it really spoke to me 2y
  •   joshuagsanders @duchesse_manic same here. Really wonderful. 2y
  •   snugglefrau Who is the artist in the web? 2y
  •   joshuagsanders @snugglefrau I heard but I've forgotten unfortunately. 2y
  •   cblack So they had a performance after the house was demolished? I didn't realize there were multiple parts. 2y
  •   joshuagsanders @cblack sorry I missed this Carl. They haven't demolished it yet...I don't think. They actually had a party there on Sunday night and I think this was a part of that. 2y
  •   cblack @joshuagsanders I ended up driving down Chester this afternoon as an alternate traffic route and the house looks exactly the same, except the front door is closed. Perhaps demolition is delayed or off. 2y

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