instagram In May of this year, Brooklyn photographer Michael Rubenstein (@mrubee) and his Triumph motorcycle were struck by an SUV traveling nearly 60 mph. Shortly after, he decided to capture moments from the long road to recovery using Instagram. To read more about Michael's unexpected journey, and for more photos of his recovery, head on over to 2y
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  •   grace_luvs_u_ @instagram please watch a video of somebody named Kyle Maynard. Please post a pic of him he is a quadruple amputee that means he has no arms or legs but he lifts weights, wrestles, and his biggest thing yet , he climed Mt.Kilimanjaro so please @instagram post a picture of Kyle Maynard he came to my school today and it was VERY inspiring he is amazing so please:) he's really funny too just he's not funny on the video... But look up on YouTube Kyle Maynard No Excuses it's very inspiring and please post a picture of him. The video is 11 mins long but it's worth how long it is:) please @instagram please<3 he writes books and climed Mt.Kilimanjaro twice to carry a marines ashes to the top and let it free please do it.... please<3<3 2y
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