•   myr_i_am Kind of my new favorite photo! Really love it 2y
  •   muninn8huginn Woah nice shot! 2y
  •   riamolde Nice Indeed! 2y
  •   lukus9 Wish my town was this colourful 2y
  •   deanod1989 Reykjavik! I want to live there 2y
  •   aleksaaa_ @dean_of_manchester_1989 I don't blame you! Reykjavik is one of the most beautiful places I've been too. The people there make it that much more amazing 2y
  •   deanod1989 @aleksaaa_ I believe so, I have heard so much about it and cannot wait to go, my friend went there today! I'm jealous. I first fell in love with Iceland after discovering Sigur Ros, they are so amazing! 2y
  •   winston30 What a beautiful place 2y

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