fivesixzero First time at Rusty Taco, but I'm already diggin' it. After hearing about the @astronautalis / @bleubirdy / @zooanimal / @trikno / @reedfischer Florida reunion here last week, I figured its high time this Florida native drops in. 2y
  •   astronautalis @fivesixzero i will eat there this week! thanks for the tip. i have actually been mad about those tacos for days (yes, i get mad about bad tacos) and this post finally allowed me to vent. 2y
  •   fivesixzero @astronautalis Hey man, totally understand bad-taco anger. No excuse for Sysco in this damn town! 2y
  •   trikno Florida is not amused, Rusty. Better step up your game. 2y
  •   kylematteson Las Teresitas in South is totally legit 2y
  •   kylematteson Oh, and I haven't been to the NE rusty, only StP, they're decent, just not authentic 2y
  •   jessinader TACO RIENDO IS MY JAM! All caps because I mean it. 2y
  •   jessinader My fave is Pineda, though. Get some queso fresco with any of the pollo. So good. 2y
  •   fivesixzero As @stephenhero said on Twitter: "is everybody following this @astronautalis vs @rustytacomn beef? Spicy." Best twitter beef I've seen in awhile. Mmm, beef. Makin' me hungry again thinking about tacos, man. 2y

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