natgeo Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey) Last week to get a copy the National Geographic cover story on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Few places in America are in distress like POW camp #344 (Pine Ridge). #pineridge #lakota 3y
  •   desmond121 Hey @doing_life iv shared bush tucker with an Aboriginal standing on a rock hunting with a spear in his hand!..shared a joint with a fellow brother in the park,or sat on the jetty at palm island,Australia. And talked of the past!..take it from a white boy,before you past judgement think first for we've eatten humble pie and said 'SORRY' in Australia we cant change the past!...But we try to be the most muti-cultural tolerant country in the world,:-)...its ezey hiding behind a private block on who you are! 3y
  •   desmond121 What happened to your comment? @doing_life. ?.edited!...hmmm,well passion fuels change @natgeo this site is full of spirited people with an opinon,even if we like it or not!..i will read and make up my own mind thankyou,:-). 3y
  •   zentangles Really like all your shots! This flag means so much, & it hurts to see it like this, I can only guess The Flag had been in battle! 3y
  •   journeyp We should promote business growth on the reservations and help them to rejoin our society. Clearly the free money from the government isn't working. Amazing photo keep up the good work! 3y
  •   topnotchgem Torn and tattered 3y
  •   beatsbydre_army America... I WANNA GO THERE 3y

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