em_dub My little garden jewel blooms amongst its family #iphone4 #olloclip #nature #flower #flowers #raindrops #blue #purple #garden #pretty #blooms 3y
  •   em_dub @poppet1345 I still don't know what it's name is but this is what it looks like once it's established in your garden. 3y
  •   david_deman nicely done! 3y
  •   picturefaith Beautiful composition! 3y
  •   mards56 Pretty. 3y
  •   em_dub Thank you @david_deman ,@wrappersay and @mards56 ! They are such pretty little flowers. I look forward to them making an appearance at this time of the year. 3y
  •   em_dub @k_rose - this is the whole plant - its in our garden in Lilydale - does that help ID it? 3y
  •   k_rose Nope. No idea what it is sorry. I'm no good at garden stuff. Only local native stuff! Pretty though. @em_dub 3y

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