inesl Homemade black bean and lentil burgers, homemade spicy sweet potato wedges and steamed green beans. 3y
  •   inesl @goteammeaghan I'll do my best to remember! And, honestly, the true test is how well it holds up lol. It's vegan so there's no egg to bind it but yeah I used to love morning star but A) they're not vegan and b) I was like holy cow what is all this shit?!? But yeah let's see how they hold up and then I'll email you!! Was pretty easy too and made 7 3y
  •   goteammeaghan I expect a full report tomorrow :) if it works then I could freeze them...possibilities are endless. If it doesnt hold up, you could always make taco salad with them :) 3y
  •   inesl @goteammeaghan I couldn't wait and ate one lol so I know the flavor is great and that's a great idea in case they don't!!! Fingers crossed 3y
  •   jmz2187 @inesl sweet potatoes 3y
  •   inesl @coolstorywill haha I'd probably cut you off a 3... It's a hearty meal and you'd probably puke if you ate 5 3y
  •   tracytribes Coolstory would also crap his pants after 3 plates.... 3y
  •   inesl @veggieterrain it's for these! 3y

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