ekdikisis Marshall thinks it's a really fun idea to jump onto my bed and wake me up twice during the night. Guess he just wanted to play. 4y
  •   gell1ebean @ekdikisis i would also love that from my bunny. But unfortunately, he's a chewer. If i let him roam around my house at night, i'm afraid i'd wake up and find few things broken and wires bit 4y
  •   ekdikisis @zednotzee luckily he's well trained so he did not pee. All he wanted was some tlc. 4y
  •   zednotzee Hahah Andora is well trained but she pees in spite. She peed while glaring at mom before, after a thump because she scolded her. She purposely peed on my pillow (and ear and shoulder) when my head was on it because i refused to get up. Evil. 4y
  •   zednotzee So I think Marshall is a good boy who is patient and loves you very much. Not evil. xD 4y

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