snoopdogg Pimpn 4 real! I have since moved on! 2y
  •   leandro_rolling  2y
  •   alwayselevated420 og snoop like seen b4 still smoking bomb u know that thC4 2y
  •   fran4ross I hate that pimp mentality these whores surrounding you c'mon on now!!!LOL 2y
  •   dotherightthang They wanna be Pimped they need to be pimped lol old school pimp shit 2y
  •   dredamac Da big hommie cuzo 2y
  •   xicana11 Hate it when females hate!!!! Made cuz they not in the pic.... thats my fam bam next 2 dogg...n she hot! @fran4ross 2y
  •   fran4ross Calm down shorty... It was a joke plus he's looking the part of pimp and what would ERYbody think they were ballerinas?just tripping that's all 2y
  •   mvpgolakers True Player 4 Real ! 😎 2y

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