hipstaroll Forget about the Monday blahs, let's swap tips and tricks about this weeks combo! So do tell... how are you getting on with this weeks combo so far? Let's discuss the #BlacKeysSuperGrain + #Jane combo, aka #HipstaRoll_Week63.

And to start us off, here is what this weeks Official Hipstaroll Correspondent, Rachel {@iwife} has to say about the combo:

Let's not mince words here: I... am in love. BlacKeys Supergrain's high-contrast and softly vignetted film combine with the piercing clarity of Jane's bright eye, producing what could be the perfect storm of Hipsta's vintage black & whites. / Unlike sister Helga with her blue hues or brother Jimmy with his mellow yellows; Jane is plain. Plain and lovely, Jane see's you for who you are, and she’s keepin’ it real in this sultry black & white combo. Jane is a new friend; part of Hipstamatic's recent shift away from 'vintage' towards 'right now.' I like Jane. Can I keep her? / As always, BlacKeys Supergrain is a standout of dramatic monochrome. You might lose some detail in the lows, but wait! Don't give it up... Dial it up! Your flash, that is. Try ‘em with and without your "bulb" to brighten and bring out those details. I think you'll be surprised as I was. Laser Lemon is a real zinger with this combo and Pop Rox will add maximum bright to your whites. Should make for some stunning portraits too, which I didn't experiment with as of yet. / Oh, sweet Jane... you complete me. Ain't new love grand?! *ْPhoto by Official Hipstaroll Correspondent Rachel Sawyer.*ْ Please direct general Hipstaroll questions to your adoring hipstaroll leaders, @punkrawkpurl @lucky_chucky
  •   sf_anathea @iwife I have, nothing good yet, even with jollyrainbow2x.. i probably just need better photo subjects! 3y
  •   aerofan I agree, in love with this combo!!! 3y
  •   lacy_lalu I love this combo. I just keep forgetting to try it with the flash. 3y
  •   offwhitephotos This may be the first time I would say: don't use JollyRainbo with this combo. it makes everything even darker. @sf_anathea I think PopRox or Laser Lemon are the way to go, if you wanted to keep trying. But the great thing about Hipsta is... There are so many other combos you don't have to focus on just one cheers! 3y
  •   sf_anathea @iwife yes, I was shocked that jolly rainbow was engancing the darkness! I tried lemon but definitely not poprox.. I usually think of that as a kind of a useless flash, but I shall try it - thanks for the tip! 3y
  •   webbetty @iwife Thanks Rachel! 3y
  •   kehlertaylor I too am I loooooove. Look at the page as a whole - makes me want to do an entire feed in this combo! 3y
  •   simirani Great tips @iwife will try lemon flash next time 3y

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