•   bobo_hunt It's not about nails 3mon
  •   yodneerena Hi Ari I just came to tell u tht wtfudge I had no clue jai had a twin like wht??!?!?!?!? The stories I read on wattpad makes more since now. U guys should really look into tht and tell us fans so we (mostly me) so we wont be confused..... Thts all I wanted to say hope u read this kk byeeeee luv ya and wht u do..... 😮 2mon
  •   tayla_taskiran Her nails are giro us 4w
  •   tayla_taskiran Gorgeous 4w
  •   love_life_laugh_____ ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 4w
  •   buterasproblem Ly 2w
  •   jmccurdy_butera_ Sweet 1w
  •   ebbaastahre 1w

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