bayarea_bullies Pack walk  2y
  •   letishhhaboo what a cute bunch!! 2y
  •   krissynh Dream day 2y
  •   rawbieeedavinci Good training...I'm still trying to get my dogs to get along man it's tough @bayarea_bullies 2y
  •   brinnsmom What a beautiful sight to see 2y
  •   carolineandk9s Really? My pits nearly pull me down everyday. How do you walk so many at once? 2y
  •   smashpants That's Walter, our roommates pug haha @k8atron 2y
  •   k8atron Hahah what a cutie, thought you added another one to the wolfpack for a sec there @smashpants 2y
  •   allmyfriendsaredead I know you probably get asked this everyday, but where can you be reached to set up training sessions/do you have openings? My old man pittie and I could use a refresher, I'd love to set up 2-3 sessions with you before you head to Austin! 2y

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