photogeekdom [Discuss] There was a time when the Instagram Popular Page was open to everybody. Get enough likes in a short period and you might just get your moment of fame. Early this year though, an usual pattern started. Only those with at least 10,000 followers entered the coveted gallery. Then Popular became Explore.

Ironically, after changing the name of the page, Explore became even more exclusive to the truly popular: Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Snoop Dog, LA Lakers. Someone needs hundreds of likes in less than 10 minutes to get shown on that page. The stairs suddenly became Mt. Everest.

The Explore Page should be an opportunity for – guess what? Exploration. It should be a public park where you could virtually glance at every passerby. It should be an opportunity to meet new folks – ordinary folks who may be just like you.

The complete writeup is at, along with some stats on the like requirements to enter the pop page. Photo Geekdom posts routinely exceed that algorithm, but for some reason fail to break pop.

Why do you think Instagram made the Explore page this way?
  •   tequilathoughtprocess Because they got bought out and I bet they get paid a good amount by famous users to be features like that 3y
  •   eaglesquest Explore what? 3y
  •   willchasin Wow I thought everyone could be on there.. Looks like I missed out. 3y
  •   chocolateavngr That's so sad to hear, I wonder how random people are liking and seeing my photos? I've only just started instagram and I get instant likes from people wo arent following me or my followers O_o 3y
  •   kiannaalexsis Do u tag ur photos? Cause that's most likely how they like them. @chocolateavngr 3y
  •   sweetdreamswhenyougetthere Your a kind, dakine:) 2y
  •   gmk_95 Agree with you there celebs don't even take good pictures its just because they are famous... 2y

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