ladygaga Time to be brave 3y
  •   panoramilandscape Bella! 9mon
  •   misstristi Ur prettiest when ur shitty 9mon
  •   adicto5 'Lady Stefani' IS THE PERFECT NAME FOR YOUR NEW RECORD!!! 7mon
  •   onzeyas BRAZIL 6mon
  •   bibleruben666 GAGA 6mon
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  •   andr__zej Hi Gaga my name is Andrew. You feel like a best from high school that I haven't seen in four years. How are doing? You look so happy and I was just telling myself how happy it makes me to see hardworking people be happy. My mom said I looked happy a few days ago too, but I don't feel like I am. Happiness is such a ideal to me, I don't know if I can reach it. I love you. You're post tonight brought me back to being 15 and sitting in my bed at 3:00AM. I've been thinking about what you felt like at 21 and I'm sure it's not too far off. I didn't know the world was filled monsters out to rob you of your dreams. How can people be so horrible to other people? Do you think artist handle stress in their hearts? I think it's what makes us so dramatic. It also makes me feel a little less sad. When I realized I was gay, I thought I would never be able to love another being, I thought I had to be alone. Taylor is a good guy and now that gay marriage is legal, maybe I can find a good guy too. You've inspired my entire life and now the strength happiness is still inspiring me. I almost gave up once, but I can do anything with you. I hope there isn't a character limit on comments or else I'm screwed lol. Good night Gaga, from the place where leather never stood a chance 1mon
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