dankhole Inspired by one of my favorite photographers, Matthias Heiderich. Thanks @massju, for doing what you do. 3y
  •   dankhole @kimsta I'm so glad to hear you like him too, Kimmy. I got to see a show of his in San Fran when I was there last month. So cool to see them large and up close. Hope your summer has been good. Hugs from Seattle!  3y
  •   niamh22xox All ur photos r great! 3y
  •   hokaytokay Love this. Such a fan of the way you see the world. 3y
  •   pardalote And thank you for doing what you do Dan! 3y
  •   blakebyers An of course this one. 3y
  •   blakebyers *and 3y
  •   vaderbreath Smooth 3y
  •   gillescompain Stunning 3y

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