mynaburd Shopping action shot. She has the BEST time at Target. TheBEST. 3y
  •   deenaspighi Imagining you in target doing the squat. crouching myna, shopping jovi... Coming soon to a theatre near you lol! 3y
  •   mynaburd Oh @bumbledee hahahahaha serious. I'm embarrassing!!! Hahahahaha 3y
  •   sueshine She's too cute! 3y
  •   darlingcupcake Mini shopper in store! And she's a cutie! 3y
  •   mynaburd @sueshine and determined!! Hehehe. Hi, Sue! 3y
  •   mynaburd @darlingcupcake she also likes to rearrange things then put it all back! Lol! She cracks me up. Needs her own show!!! 3y
  •   darlingcupcake Hahah she sure does. I'd watch and do myna miniclaps 3y
  •   mynaburd Lol @darlingcupcake hahaha! I tried to! But my hands were full!! 3y

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