herthirdeye finger ripples...  2y
  •   aggyagapi @herthirdeye very cute great job it 2y
  •   ann_ovasapy Love your pictures and love your rings! 2y
  •   herthirdeye @aggyagapi thanks doll  2y
  •   herthirdeye @ann_ovasapy thank you dear  ... my wedding bands.. mine and my late husbands  2y
  •   dreamfaerie This is wonderfully unique and a neat way to remember your late husband. 2y
  •   ann_ovasapy I know. I've read your blog in the past & luckily found you on IG. You are such an amazing writer. Your posts almost always make me cry, but I love to read them. I'm marrying my high school love in just a couple of weeks. Makes me realize how annoyingly fragile & short life really can be. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Your boys are so lucky to have you. Enjoy your adventures in Greece! 2y
  •   herthirdeye @ann_ovasapy thank you my sweet. And congrats.. cherish every moment together, and as long as you're best friends, love and respect one another, you can concur everything.  2y
  •   herthirdeye @dreamfaerie thank you  2y

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