•   sharon1962 I love this photo, it's a great idea framing and showing IG photos !! 2y
  •   dandelion66 Just put the order in @foxslane . So hard to choose. Just emailed you 2y
  •   dandelion66 Thanks @sharon1962 - yes, it's a lot of fun! Can't wait to see everyone's work all framed up. You should get some friends together & have an exhibition too 2y
  •   tunnybird This is a superb pic! Can't wait to see it printed and framed. 2y
  •   mybeardedpigeon You Daylesford folk are so cool! I am jealous! 2y
  •   k_p5 I have this hanging in my kitchen ..... I love your framed photo its a constant reminder of the beautiful friends I meant and my life changing position I had at St Michaels xxx 2y
  •   dandelion66 Aww..that's so beautiful @k_p5 2y
  •   liulinka Lovely 2y

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