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zarias This is the camera that got me started. AE-1 & a 50 1.8. @carias found it in a box. Gonna fire it up again! 2y
  •   thebenjames @jaypovey Wow! Thanks for that insight. Can wait to throw some film in it! 2y
  •   espencerrr Me too. My Mother bought this the year I was born, and I still use it. 2y
  •   whatssat My brother ha this back in the day but I was a bit too young not now though! 2y
  •   digitalmitchell I got started with its big brother the A-1 and a 50 mm 1.2 and still love it along side my 5D Mark 2. 2y
  •   upthephotography My dad had one of these. That's what hooked me on SLRs! 2y
  •   alex_ekins Ha, I had one of those as well 2y
  •   danogren Started with the same camera. Hope it works. 2y
  •   bob_davis I started with the all manual little brother the AT-1. 2y

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