amerrymishap My baby. By @yanpalmer 2y
  •   juli_at_mjolk Awww I never saw him so young. Lovely shot! 2y
  •   fawnandforest So sweet. 2y
  •   amerrymishap @juli_at_mjolk we didn't have instagram back then, can you remember a world like that? I barely can. :) 2y
  •   sangthebird such a wee sweet thing. lovely pic x 2y
  •   juli_at_mjolk He looks to have been a long baby yes? I have been taking a break from IG. Elodie looks at me all wide eyes and I'm all yea yea in a minute. I think it's time to put the phone down ;) 2y
  •   amerrymishap @juli_at_mjolk he was long! I think 21" at birth and about 8 pounds. Haha about Elodie, at least you notice. :) She's so beautiful! 2y
  •   amerrymishap @sangthebird they grow so fast. 2y
  •   apieceofcake82 How cute! X 2y

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