kimkardashian Just ran 5miles! Nothing like an intense workout on a Sunday 2y
  •   jimmiejay Didnt show how long it took you? 2y
  •   msfoodluv What a fake, you just showed the miles , no pace , to time - what a poser. 2y
  •   aljawharah_q8 طلعت عنزيه 501 واااي فديتها وفديتني بعد xD 2y
  •   ethanhurley I smell bs 2y
  •   therealmarathonman Running on a treadmill don't count. Run in trails and hills and then start talking shit. But you are not the shit. 2y
  •   therealmarathonman I ran a marathon in 2:09 2y
  •   buss_dlamini I love you SOO much️ I'm from South Africa. I visited America recently but you were in Mexico and when you came back I was in New York! I left a letter for you at DASH New York Hope You got/get it! Lots of love for you and your Fam Bam!4mon

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