puanindya Me and my dad went to this beach. Not a good one but still it's special because it was our first time there though my grandpa's house is so close to this beach. People use this tent on the beach to take a rest or lay down while enjoying the view 3y
  •   ptit_louis @puanindya Sure! Mine is ptit_louis ! Haha we're being very original choosing usernames x) I didn't really know what to do so I added some artists, not all my favorite though and yeah, I kind of understand how it works now. Do you know where I could download a scrobbler ? 3y
  •   jonesjanuary i like what you have shared about this photo. 3y
  •   puanindya @ptit_louis Louis! Sorry I missed your comment. So how was it? Enjoy last fm? Hehe. I'll add you there. I think there's a link to download scrobbler down there. Meet me there! 3y
  •   ptit_louis Well school started and I didn't really have time to use last.fm. But I'm gonna add you too, and download scrobbler! :) 3y
  •   puanindya @ptit_louis haha great! Just open your friends and you'll see my request there haha 3y
  •   ptit_louis Oh okay cool! I'm gonna do that! 3y

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