nimjay Not gonna lie @estaagram this is a little weird #uci #irvine 2y
  •   riosmatt You're in irvine?!? 2y
  •   estaagram @nimjay haha wtf where is this 2y
  •   estaagram Are you still globetrekking my Persian prince 2y
  •   nimjay @riosmatt @estaagram I took this this spring break in Irvine hahaha. I am about to board a flight back to Philly so my #globetrekking days are over :( 2y
  •   riosmatt Awwww see you in a week and a half or so! I'll be back the 31st. Let's do hoodrat shit then 2y
  •   estaagram @nimjay haha at John Wayne?? Whatever Persian prince looks like you've been livin a rough life... You deserve to go back to Philly. No sympathy 2y

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