meekmill Nice day in Detroit! 3y
  •   215______ Don't try to steal my shit either ho @diamond_princezz70 3y
  •   shari_yliese Wow!!! 3y
  •   215______ Bitch Neva a wanna be always a star even when I was poor I was the shit u the dumb ass ho stalking my pics but I bet ur man would want it he want ur manly looking ass he might like ur pork in his ass. I'm all woman he can't handle a real one so he got u @diamond_princezz70. @kittencatpurrrr this ho not bout it watch I go to b st and she don't do shit 3y
  •   215______ @diamond_princezz70 yo ho now u scared all the niggers that u hang wit should beat ur ass and like I said u need a welfare check wit that do rachet I don't get welfare Hon wish I did get some free stamps wanna sell me some how about u go suck ur man off he's waiting for his nightly I know he be disrespectful when he put it all up ur nose and in ur hair ho oh that's y it looks like that shall I keep going bitch the best u got is my big juicy lips that u would pay a mill to have u heard me now when I see u throw ur shit up ho I need to beat a bitch ass so bad disrespectful ass smut 3y
  •   khris_petty Yall need to getalife u Dick eatin wannabee bitches man yall stupid af boii I swear #hoes 3y
  •   215______ @diamond_princezz70 u ugly mud face dude of a bitch u still talking shit dirty ho y don't u go swing from black limb and get off my clit u don't deserve my time ho so stop stalking my ig and get a life I been bored with u get it got it good 3y
  •   _mary_kathleen_ Ha! My car is in that picture! 3y
  •   slimthickety Damn I missed you -_-... @meekmill 3y

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